Website development and website types.

Thursday, July 3, 2016 - 03:07

Website – is the embodiment of your business strategy. With the transition of business to the Internet, new priorities arose – it is no longer enough to create a template site and let it float freely in the search engines, modern site  should express your goals, generate proposals, display all the advantages and need to be in the top of the search engines list. The fight for the customer and market leadership found a digital form, expressed in several steps:

  • Competent development of the site.
  • Promotion of a site in the top search engine lists.
  • A high-quality technical support.

We at Innovio Service will create a new modern digital face for you. We have the creativity and ideas of its implementation into our work, we have a creative team who loves to solve non-trivial problems with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Website Development

The website development by Innovio service has a comprehensive approach and individual formation of the package of services:

  • Designing layouts.
  • Designing web interfaces.
  • Design of sections of the site, the calculation and design of web pages, a navigation option.
  • Design, wiring and setup of dynamic blocks, modules and extensions.
  • Integration and customization of CMS and CRM systems.
  • Connection caching system to improve data downloading speed.
  • Registration of the domain name and hosting it on your or our hosting service.
  • Service and support of the existing website.
  • Creating of a corporate style.
  • General Design.
  • Graphic design of logos, banners, icons.

We at Innovio Service will develop a unique digital story together with you keeping your spirit and style. Our solutions are fast, functional and practical. We have created sites that can withstand any loads, while maintaining high performance.

Types of sites

In developing the site it is very important to determine its type, and its future functions. The division on the types will simplify the search for solutions to your goals. Your task is to articulate your wishes and vision of the end result, and we will find you the best type of the site, which is fully display your ambitions and plans.

Business card website is sleek and simple in its structure. Its goal is to present your company, services or products offered, to provide complete contact information for further cooperation with you.


  • It is created fast.
  • It is not very expensive.
  • It is a convenient tool for advertising.

Corporate website – works as your representative, displays your face in the Internet. It is often used as a marketing tool, which solves the problem of finding new partners or customers and expanding market.


  • User-friendly and commercially justified.
  • Adequately displays the prospects and benefits of your company on the market.
  • The most profitable way of business and mass advertising.

Online shopping website provides not only advertising, but also is able to sell your services or products through the Internet. Your customers will be able to make the order being at home or in the office. Due to such functionality the interest of customers to your product is growing, which guarantees you additional profits.


  • Opens new business opportunities.
  • Extends the market.
  • Attracts a wide audience of customers.
  • Reduces costs.

INTERNET PORTAL – if you stop your choice on the website, it is likely that thousands of people will make it a home page of your browser. An important advantage of the Internet portal is the ability to maintain a load of thousands of visitors. The interactivity of this site will help you to use dozens of links to other sites.


  • Attracting a large number of users without any additional advertising costs.
  • Present a large numbers of goods and services, while maintaining stability.
  • Can work as a search engine, information or service system.

The exclusive website is a site that does not fit under any of the above species. During its development, we consider only the wishes of the client and his future vision of the finished product.

  • Features:
  • Absolutely no restrictions.
  • Implementation of the most unusual and ambitious ideas.